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Mandatory upgrade 12.8.4 released for ALL customers on 11/23/2008!

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Version 12 Screenshots


This is a screenshot of what the table will look like if you choose to use the overlay, this feature is available for Party Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Ultimate Bet have a similar type of overlay.

fulltilt poker table


This is a screenshot of the program itself, all of the players are listed in this window. All of the columns are sortable from highest to lowest, and vice versa, this screen looks the same for Party, FullTilt, and Stars. The software will scan an entire table at once simply by hitting the "Get Stats for Table " button! You can scan multiple tables, or type in individual player names. Double clickon on a player's name will bring up the Detailed Player Information screen, and right clicking on a player's name will allow you to delete it, or move it to a different list.


Here is a screenshot of the Preferences window :

As you can see you simply enter your Username and Password here and you never have to sign in again! You can also choose to write a log of your activity. There is also an option to choose the overlay on the table on or off. If you are having any problems you can check the "automatic sending of debug info" and it will send the log file to us so we can examine it and fix your problem. Finally you can decide what percentages qualify as "Fish", "Average", and "Pro" for the overlay.

Here is a screenshot of the Detailed Player Information screen:

By double clicking on a player name in the main Poker Prophecy window you can see more detailed information on any player, including an exact breakdown of what types of games they have played in the past, and how successful they were at each level. offers most up to date FullTilt poker player statistics.