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James Simms, Chicago, IL : "Since I have begun using The Poker Prophecy® I have gone from breaking even, to consistently winning." Read more users comments...

Mandatory upgrade 12.8.4 released for ALL customers on 11/23/2008!

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Below Are A Few Comments We Received From Our Customers:


James Simms, Chicago, IL :

"The PokerProphecy® database has allowed me to pick and choose which tables I play at Party Poker. Since I have begun using The PokerProphecy® I have gone from breaking even, to consistently winning."


Steven Dillon, Boston, MA :

"On the last Sit and Go table I played, the PokerProphecy® helped me finish in first. In one situation a Player with a high winning percentage went all in, I was tempted to match him, but I used this information and folded. It turned out he had a full house! Earlier in this game, I was able to identify a poor player and beat his high pair with my set of 8’s, netting me 700 chips!"


Mort Harnish, Sacramento, CA :

"Plain and simple, your product has made me a winner on Party Poker. Furthermore, I enjoy looking up Player names just to see their record. The other day I was playing and someone called me a fish for catching my flush on the river (I had outs). I looked up his stats and said, Well Buddy, you haven't won a game in the last two weeks, so I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. He really didn't know what to say in reply."



"Poker Prophecy has opened my eyes to an entirely new Sit n Go Strategy. Between the success it has brought myself and many of my students, we are absolutely delighted that you are offering this service. I tell every one of my customers that if they are sincerely concered about winning at online poker, they must be equipped with Poker Prophecy."



We would like to thank you all for providing us with such a valuable feedback.

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