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James Simms, Chicago, IL : "Since I have begun using The Poker Prophecy® I have gone from breaking even, to consistently winning." Read more users comments...

Mandatory upgrade 12.8.4 released for ALL customers on 11/23/2008!

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NEWS : We do not remove players from our database! So if you can't find a player because they've blocked their stats on one of our competitor sites, you can find them here.

Did you know? Poker Prophecy is the oldest, largest, and most trusted site for data collection of Sit N' Go's. Thanks to everyone that helped make this possible. Remember, 15,000 customers can't be wrong!

The Player to your left goes all in after the flop. Is he a fish, just waiting to give you his money, or is he a wise player who knows his three of a kind beats your pocket pair? Sometimes you need to be a Prophet to win.

Fortunately, we can make you one.

The PokerProphecy® helps you predict who will be the easy money on Party Poker, Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet with the statistics in our database of Players. The database includes all Players who play Sit-and-Go style tables..

These statistics include:

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Here is an example of the knowledge you will have if you purchase our product:

Poker Prophecy raises your odds significantly and will give you more confidence, rather than feeling like you've just bet all your chips on black at an online roulette game!

fulltilt poker table

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Only by knowing the past, can you truly predict the future!

The PokerProphecy® WILL make you a consistent money winner in the following ways:

Before you sit down at a table, find out who you will be playing against. If there are too many Pro's and not enough Fishes, you may want to move to an easier table. You hear all the time on TV about the Pro's raking in millions from cash games. They are smart enough to know that you only play other Pro's when you have to. Take a page from their book and find the easy money.

Likewise, once you are in the game, try to get in hands against Fishes. They can increase your chip stack quickly! If you do get in a game with good players, think twice about going in with them, make sure your hand is a winner. Also, identify the superior Players early so that you can watch their habits and be ready for them later in the game..

This information will give you an ace in the hole. You will know more than your opponents and be able to use this knowledge to gain a chip advantage. Remember, if you don't have The PokerProphecy®, the Player sitting next to you may.

The PokerProphecy® helps you predict who will be the easy money on Party Poker, Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet with the statistics in our database of Players. The database includes all Players who play Sit-and-Go style tables.

Don't worry, if for any reason the product does not work as advertised within 30 days of purchase, we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!!

Also please note that we always respect privacy of our customers, and WE WILL NEVER SHARE OR SELL ANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS INFORMATION. Read more about it in our Privacy Policy.

Other than poker, you will also find us as a guide to the various poker games. If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact poker team.

Poker has been the main focus of attention for many card players over the last few years, especially for those craving the thrill of big jackpots and WSOP bracelets. If you're feeling saturated with poker information and want a change of pace, why not check out an old school card game like Rummy, or learn to play Cribbage with these Cribbage rules. Playing a greater variety of card games may expand your general understanding of card strategy and in turn improve your poker play.

Try playing a game of puzzle when tired of playing poker all day. It will reset your brain cells, and train your mind in a similar but yet different enough manner. Playing poker afterwards may seem like child's play.

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